June 2021 News letter – Brain and Gut relationship | Written By Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.


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Brain and Gut relationship.

Our bodies have been divided into different systems as well as areas by the modern medical system. There is the nervous system, digestive system, cardio-vascular system and many others. The need to specialize on a particular area has made it a necessity to break the body into segments.

Here is the problem. When one specializes on a particular area, chances of not knowing the whole body are high. The fact that an organ exists in the body and works in unison with the whole system, is forgotten. The body works as a wholistic entity not as a fragmented entity.

When treating an organ, the whole body should be looked at and taken into consideration as one, Not parts.

One of the areas looked at as separate from the whole body, is psychiatry. Mental problems are looked at from several angles except digestive system. The modern psychiatry does not think of digestive system. Most psychiatric problems in history were cured by cleaning out the patient gut. A Japanese professor Kazudzo Nishi estimated that at least one in ten psychiatric conditions is due to toxins from the bowel.

The obvious reason is prescription drugs get to their digestive system in order to affect the brain. The digestive system is the major source of toxicity in the body.

When you think of autism, schizophrenia, dyspraxia and other problems, many people do not think of alcoholism and yet there is a connection. There is an overgrowth of pathological flora in their bodies. One of these is yeast, including candida species. Yeast requires glucose and other sugars as food. This comes when one digests carbohydrates.

Healthy people dietary glucose is converted into lactic acid, water and energy through a biochemical process called glycolysis.  Those with yeast overgrowth, candida takes the glucose and digest it in a different way, called alcoholic fermentation. Candida and other yeasts convert dietary glucose into alcohol (ethanol) and its by- product acetaldehyde.

Alcohol and the by-products have a small molecular weight which makes easy for them to cross any barrier in the body. They are absorbed into the blood and are able to get through the placenta to a developing foetus.

Acetaldehyde is considered to be the most toxic of alcohol by-products. It has the ability to alter the structure of proteins.

All our make-up is largely proteins and when altered, the body does not function well.

That is one of the reasons we have autoimmune diseases. That is when the immune system attacks itself. Mylen, is part of the brain systems like nervous system, and also coats brain cells and branches like nerve fibers.

When myelin is damaged, in adults it manifests itself as multiple sclerosis. Acetaldehyde causes function deficiency of vitamin B6, which is a co-factor in the production of neurotransmitters, fatty acid metabolism and other functions.

Function deficiency is when a person gets plenty of vitamin B6 from the food eaten, but because acetaldehyde occupied the working sites of this vitamin on protein and the vitamin cannot do its work. It then floats around the body and eventually get excreted. This also happens to other active substances which have to bind to proteins to do their work.  The other problem caused is thyroid dysfunction when thyroid produces plenty hormones but their working sites are occupied by acetaldehyde and other toxins.

The overall body cleanse and eating foods that support body life and functions is a necessity.

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If you have any questions, please contact me at:


Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.

Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Alt. drmasarirajj@aol.com


Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.

Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist.
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

June 15, 2022 12:19 am

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